Shareholder Loan Agreement Template Uk Free

While this model is very similar to our ”Directors` Loan Agreement – Loan to a Company”, it has important differences, in particular more conditions that are unprecedented for the granting of credits. The aim is to strengthen the protection of a shareholder who might not have the same level of knowledge or access to information that a director lending to a company may have. If the loan is not insured, the lender cannot take ownership of the borrower`s assets in the event of default. Each shareholder wants to maximize the value of their investment, so why not supplement the company`s articles of association by using this shareholders` agreement to avoid conflicts and protect minority shareholders. This simple shareholders` agreement, used between some or all of your company`s shareholders, can be the best way to ensure stability and continuity. Please note that if you want a secured loan, you must prepare a separate ”security document” – please seek the assistance of a lawyer to prepare the security document. Request form Business Request Fax back to 0118 941 3878 submitted by Contact Name Date Company Tel Fax Mobile E-mail a. Credit details What are the funds used for? (explanation needed) What is the minimum amount required? Expression. In the case of a secured loan, it is necessary to determine whether the burden on the borrower in favour of a director is a substantial real estate transaction, in accordance with section 190 of the Companies Act 2006. This loan agreement – loan from a director/shareholder sets the terms of a loan between a director or shareholder as a lender and the company as a borrower. A credit agreement is a contract in which a lender agrees to lend a certain amount of money to a borrower.