Tenancy Agreement In Chinese And English

What if there was a Chinese lease that you could download, which has already been translated into English and could be used to negotiate simply with your landlord? Using a bilingual Chinese-English lease will help you and your landlord feel comfortable with what you sign and what the expectations are. Here, this high-end Chinese leasing contract is convenient. It has been used by hundreds of expats in China in recent years and has been refined to cover just about any problem you might encounter when renting an apartment in China. Of course, the problem with the agreement above is that it is all in Chinese, which means that if you don`t read and write Chinese, you don`t really understand much of it. A written agreement facilitates the development of these problems. An easy way to protect yourself in China is to provide your own rental contract. This Chinese lease is a simple unilateral contract that covers the basics of what you need if you sign with your landlord. To get a free copy of the Chinese rental agreement directly in your inbox, add your name and email address below. If you plan to rent an apartment in China in the future, this is a document you must have. This is a small extra to pay in exchange for a secure lease with your landlord. The agreement will be immediately given to you in Word format so that you can re-check and print as you please.

The fact is that while you are walking around looking for an apartment in China to rent, the last thing you want to do is trust a lease delivered by the owner. Yesterday`s home runs don`t win today`s games. | Babe Ruth If you want to download a free Chinese rental model that you want to use when signing a lease for an apartment in China, you are in the right place. I would like to share with you not only a good Chinese lease project that you can download, but also a first class Sino-English bilingual lease that you can also use. Give yourself a rest at the next contract conclusion in China! This bilingual Chinese-English contract has been used for nearly a decade by foreign expatriates in China to protect them from fraud and unfair treatment of homeowners. Contracts provided by your potential lender or even an agency are, at best, simple and often do not cover all the needs and risks of an expatriate in China. IMPORTANT: Don`t sign a contract you can`t read and understand! The purpose of a contract is to protect you, only in case you get one of those bad apple donors or you run into one of these strange problems (broken water heater, you had to leave for a family emergency, which paid for neighborhood maintenance costs, etc.). If you use an agency to help you find an apartment in China, they will most likely be able to provide you with a standard rental contract (an example you can download below). So what are your options? Let`s take a look at a free Chinese lease model as well as a bilingual premium contract. The owners do not sign anything that is in English, so you must present a Chinese rental contract with Chinese characters.