Sublicense Agreement Meaning

Torvalds acknowledges that the Linux Foundation will not grant any other subcontractor any other sublicense for the use of the trademark in a manner equivalent or similar to the subcontractor`s trademark, nor is the Linux Foundation or Mr. Torvalds required to make reasonable or other efforts to determine whether a sublicense identical or similar to the sublicense has been granted. In addition, neither the Linux Foundation nor Mr. Torvalds is required to settle, settle, or participate in any sublicense trademark dispute, or to intervene in sublicense trademark disputes, including, but not limited to, disputes involving potentially conflicting uses. The sublicensed agrees to do so, the Linux Foundation and M. Discone all claims and costs arising from such sublicense disputes related to this sublicense or sublicense mark, whether between the subcontractor and another subcontractor or between the subcontractor and other persons who claim rights to the trademark or sublicense worldwide. The licence agreement should indicate whether the licensor`s participation in a sub-licence is necessary or whether a sub-licence is required. Note: Consider adding: ”For the avoidance of doubt, end-users are not entitled to modify, distribute or sub-license any covered products (or integrated or integrated licensed technologies) and the licensee shall ensure that each end user is informed in writing of all applicable restrictions.” The interpretation given above is very useful. However, I have another question which is indicated below: is a sub-license of real estate allowed if it is approved by the licensor?. .